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IOT enabled supply chain visibility solutions

Supply chain visibility solutions

We integrate internet of things (IOT) solutions with your existing Supply Chain Logistics and Freight Management Software systems to deliver new insights on arrival, departure, authorised movement, tampering, tilt, humidity, breakage etc to help enhance your competitive advantage  ; and help in improving customer experience and also reduce theft, loss in transit, wrong routings, breakage due to improper handling, hostile storage environment etc

Our research and development team constantly integrates new sensors and solutions for tracking and monitoring ; integrating technologies from innovative design firms in Europe to help solve problems in supply chain logistics and transport logistics and in turn bring measurable costs savings in terms of operational efficiency, better cargo handling, routing, improved communication and superlative customer service.

We have helped over a dozen of our transport logistics and truck management clients across India, Africa and Europe, optimise their operations and  grow their businesses.

Tracking, monitoring, conditioning

  • Indication switch on loading status – ready for dispatch
  • Deploy your custom solution in weeks than months
  • Integrate with your existing supply chain logistics ERP
  • Easily to deploy smart sensors on  trucks and containers
  • 100% secure and web enabled smart data
  • Supports multiple devices and browsers
  • Secure and high volume capability
  • Captures data in offline and online mode
  • Cloud hosted server within Europe / or on your own server
  • Integrate with your existing software API

Logistics digital platform using IOT devices

  • Ideal for transport logistics operators with 25+ location operations
  • Improve teamwork and information sharing within branches
  • Document management, maintenance and asset tracking
  • Managing projects and new initiatives of CEO
  • Product proven, tried, tested and highly configurable to suit most needs
  • 15+ years of domain knowledge in the transport / freight logistics industry
  • Integrating award winning RTLS smart sensors from Europe
  • 24 hour remote support worldwide using broadband connectivity tools
  • Onsite implementation services worldwide

Share us the process chart of your transport logistics operations and we will build you a working model integrating smart sensors and collaborative platform. SA-FMS is a leading IOT enabled supply chain logistics management solution company.