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Cold chain monitoring solution

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Your business in Asia Pacific region or South Africa or the Netherlands could be about managing transport logistics in cold chain ; monitoring temperature, humidity and relative humidity of high value medicines. Or about running a manufacturing unit where the equipment on production floor need to be condition monitored at regular intervals.

Ripples IOT solutions are now available as a service and the technology offering comprises of industrial grade IOT devices, cloud hosting, reporting analytics, push message alerts and a software API to connect to your existing network.

Which means that you no longer need to purchase the hardware or software components or worry about installing repeaters across the country to track status and location of high value goods across the nation.

Benefits of cold chain monitoring as service

  • Starts from as low as US $18 a month per container or truck **
  • Always available monitoring service with no intervention
  • Opex vs Capex. Claim financial expenses on rental charges
  • No upfront investment on hardware components or software tools
  • Country wide coverage to monitor cold chain parameters
  • No annual maintenance charges for the hardware
  • No need to purchase cloud hosting or software
  • No worries about device breakdowns or warranty
  • Battery life of 4 years and data transmission every 30 minutes
  • Peace of mind guaranteed in cold chain monitoring

Cold chain monitoring as a service

The areas that will play a prominent role in the future supply chain, as it’s impacted by IoT, is in-transit and cold chain visibility. The logistics ecosystem has many players, and thus, many moving parts, according to In- bound logistics. Products are handled and transferred between the manufacturer, suppliers, the distribution center, retailer and customer. Read more..

Factory equipment monitoring as a service

Regular monitoring of critical plant and machinery would play a huge role in ensuring uptime in a production environment. Parameters such as temperature, humidity and vibration can be monitored at periodic intervals ; thus prevents failures through early warnings. Read more..

IOT service for monitoring good and assets

Our offices are located at Paya Lebar Square, Paya Lebar road, Singapore and the IOT solutions and consultancy are available to those businesses aspiring to adopt new technologies for competitive advantage.


** Plus local levies and activation charges. The offer is valid only in selected countries

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