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Internet of things – monitoring & tracking

IOT supply chain logistics solution

IOT supply chain logistics – visibility & efficiency

Our innovative internet of things (IOT) enabled solutions helps to intelligently monitor your operations, provide superior customer service by providing realtime information to customers and add value to your business and out beat competition.

We serve clients worldwide and our smart logistics IOT sensor enabled modules can be easily added or configured accordingly as your logistics company grows or we build new avenues to solve your monitoring & tracking problems.

  • Tag intelligent sensors with high value consignments to prevent cargo theft
  • Enable customers to monitor the environment & track of their cargo in transit
  • Share information with suppliers, partners, truck companies, insurance etc
  • Track boxes from factory to shipment to warehouse to retail outlet
  • Anti theft tagging and alert system for trucks and containers
  • An intelligent Real-Time Location System (RTLS)
  • Monitor the motion, vibration, pressure and temperature of the cargo
  • Track the condition of cargo from loading to the end point
  • Alert on arrival and departure of cargo from warehouse
  • Accumulate data on warehouse using easy to deploy smart sensors
  • SMS alerts on consignment and truck arrival / departure status
  • Insights into the environment of truck operations
  • Automated Proof Of Delivery notification

IOT supply chain visibility solutions

All in a box solution ; convenient IOT supply chain logistics solution, integrated for warehousing, supply chain, transport logistics and cargo management – a great bundle of edge analytics and reporting solutions that bring new insights to provide unmatched benefits, cost control, performance management and audit capabilities, allowing multi location operations, business owners to monitor centrally and improve customer satisfaction using integrated solutions.

  • No investment on server / cloud hosted in local region
  • Start operations in 30 days !!
  • Hosted on world class cloud servers
  • Supports up to 100,000 concurrent tracking devices
  • Secure access data from any location
  • Works on multiple browsers, smart phone and tablet devices
  • Design of sensor network and access points
  • Long battery life sensors for reduced maintenance

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