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Innovation in supply chain logistics

IOT supply chain logistics management, Singapore, South Africa, Netherlands, Germany

Supply chain visibility in operations

Our IOT supply chain visibility solutions can help medium and large sized freight management and supply chain logistics operators and warehouse operators innovate their business model and manage growth with the help of management control systems, monitoring shipment, fleet tracking, warehouse monitoring, asset tracking, energy management, people and visitor tracking at yard for overall cost reduction, improved customer satisfaction and operational control.  For Singapore based logistics providers, we can integrate the smart devices on Sigfox network and enable a cloud solution to monitor fleet, cargo and warehouses in a cost effective manner.

Questions to ask while deploying an IOT  supply chain visibility solutions

  • How and when would a TPL know about the status of a shipment ready for dispatch
  • How would a consignor know the current location of a shipment and its storage environment
  • How would the manufacturer know the storage condition of a retail outlet and its humidity.
  • When can the factory schedule a production batch based on raw material in transit.
  • How can an end customer know the temperature and humidity of a sensitive product such a wine or meat
  • How would the production unit know about the handling environment of a high value cargo
  • When would a logistics provider know about goods being stolen in transit
  • How would one go about rating the quality of deliver of a third party logistics provider
  • How does one ascertain the wait time at container yards and trans-shipment terminals
  • How can one detect hazardous conditions while in storage and transit
  • How can a logistics provider go for realtime and quality of delivery based pricing

A ready to deploy, Internet of things (IOT) enabled  solution with smart IOT sensor devices (Zigbee, SigFox, LoRa & RFID) , data integration for supply chain logistics visibility, warehouse management, fleet tracking and shipping operations to monitor, control and  track high value cargo from production to dispatch to delivery to warehousing and retailing. Read about IOT Sigfox sensors Singapore.

Logistics 2.0 & digital transformation

To improve operations control , increase customer experience, allow employees to participate in decision making process, enables customer self service, collaboration management for suppliers and third party operators such as truck operators and warehousing agents.

  • Anti theft protection alert for high value machinery + products
  • Cold chain monitoring – vaccines, perishable goods
  • Logistics monitoring for high value goods – movement to distribution centre
  • Inventory management in the supply chain – warehouses can know stock position and movement
  • Customer site – environment monitoring in retail shops / hospitals where goods are stored
  • Customer site – arrivals and departures + inventory levels
  • Factory and warehouse – maintenance – temperature + heating + people safety
  • People tracking in yards + factory

Internet of things enabled supply chain logistics solutions

Not having an integrated ERP solution to manage your transport logistics operations ? We have provided reliable and robust solutions to large clients in the sector having 1500 trucks in Africa and to 250 location multi branch cargo delivery companies. These logistics software solutions have been in operation for over 5 years, providing the customer and their clients with 24 x 7 information.

IOT supply chain visibility solutions for Asia pacific, Africa

Our integrated fleet management and shipment tracking solutions are being used by some of the leading supply chain logistics providers in India, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and other countries in Africa.

About Software Associates

IOT supply chain visibility,  logistics solutions & freight management software. the division operates out of Bangalore (India) with research and marketing labs at Greater Amsterdam (Netherlands), integration partners in Singapore and East Africa. Established in the year 1991, Software Associates is a leading global SME software integration and IOT for supply chain visibility solutions provider targeting mid size businesses with sales and support offices at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune & Singapore for serving clients across India, Africa, Asia Pacific & Europe.