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IOT – intelligent warehouses, buildings

IOT starter kit - factory automation - smart warehouses, buildings, agriculture, food storage, cold chain - singapore, vietnam

Our IOT enabled remote monitoring and tracking solutions can help businesses engaged in agriculture retail, logistics, storage and supply chain reduce operating cost and improve internal efficiencies by implementing smart warehouse automation technologies.

Wireless  cargo tracking, IOT automation and smart warehouse monitoring solutions are developed to control appliances and devices remotely over the cloud. IoT based automation of farms, warehouses and buildings over the cloud is provided with integrated access security, device control, personnel control and smart energy management. A smart connected building or farm storage area can reduce the operational costs and increase the workforce efficiency. Read about smart agriculture &  smart warehouses 

IOT starter kit – smart warehouses

  • Managing the lights within the storage and parking area
  • Monitoring the energy consumption of warehouses, individual equipment
  • Tracking of visitors, employees within the logistics yard
  • Keep track of the usage of high value equipment – aircon, freezers etc
  • Automating the operation of doors, security zones, air circulation etc
  • Keeping track of the high value goods being stored and their movement
  • In-transit cargo theft detection and alert management
  • Monitoring the warehouse and yard for hazardous gases
  • On the move cold chain monitoring for life saving medicines, perishable goods
  • Controlling the movement of trucks within the logistics yard
  • Tracking of driver movement within the yard and nearby region
  • Generate business analytics using the IOT automation data

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