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Cargo theft prevention

Internet of things – monitoring & tracking cargo theft

Consultants like ourselves are aware of the nature of the surface logistics industry in the developed and developing nations. Customers complain about the growing menace of cargo being stolen from trucks and containers in transit or in motion. Operated by organised gangs, they use sophisticated techniques to pilfer valuable goods from these carriers, causing losses to the tune of millions of dollars.

RipplesIOT has a highly proven active RFID based solutions that tracks the realtime presence of goods (as boxes or small containers) – vaccines, electronic goods etc. These labels are deployed on the containers on a rotation and recycling models, tagged to the inventory system.

Using long range readers, we are able to track the movement of these tagged goods from shipment to warehouse to truck loading, in transit, unloading and retail points. Whenever a box moves out of the truck, an alert is generated and depending on the location of the truck, an instant alarm is generated to act upon potential theft or abuse of goods.

The non invasive devices are easy to deploy, tamper proof and has a long battery life to ensure low maintenance. The data is transmitted to a central location – choice of cloud or on-premise hosting and the system is capable of sending push messages and SMS alerts on the whereabout of cargo.

Our cargo theft prevention IOT solutions are highly proven and the technologies have been deployed widely in the European Union by partners ; CE certified and compliant with RoHS, ATEX zone 0 and other standards.

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