Solutions for transport logistics optimization - integrating smart sensors, business portal and predictive analytics. It addresses cargo monitoring, operational and management challenges in transport logistics and fleet operations by monitoring the movement, storage and handling of cargo from factory to retail.

The role of IOT in the supply chain and logistics industry

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A lot is being said about logistics IoT, but most people don’t have a clear picture about what it all is. Most people have some vague ideas; they agree that it is changing the way transportation and...
If you’re in the transportation or import export business, you know that preparation is crucial for success. The internet age will reshape the way the transport industry functions; which is a good t...
Fleet managers have to deal with an assortment of touch challenges daily; the good news is that thanks to technology – especially the internet of things for fleet management. By no means comprehensi...


team FMS

Ready to use IOT solutions for supply chain and transport logistics management companies in Africa, Middle East and India. Covers all aspects of logistics operations including scheduling, dispatch, monitoring, stores, spares and human resources.

team Ripples IoT

An Industrial IoT solution for transport logistics and supply chain monitoring using smart sensors, data analytics and business intranet tools.

team Logistics portal

A business productivity solution using intranet software - enabling better customer experience, employee engagement, resource utilization, cargo monitoring & document management.


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