Internet Of Things. Smart cargo management & supply chain visibility solutions

Solutions for transport logistics optimization - integrating smart sensors, business portal and predictive analytics. It addresses cargo monitoring, operational and management challenges in transport logistics and fleet operations by monitoring the movement, storage and handling of cargo from factory to retail.


For any logistics company, providing security for cargo, especially high value cargo, is top priority. They know how vital it is that big ticket merchandise reaches its destination undamaged. High val...
The cold chain is a complex and demanding logistics segment, as it necessitates heavy capital expenditure and stringent temperature controls and has a high energy dependency; today, it faces new chall...
The internet of things is already changing the way we do a lot of things; this technology is helping businesses across industries gain greater visibility, streamline processes and ensure more efficien...
The Internet of things has been around for some time now; it is being used in more and more industries every day. Forward thinking supply chains are one of the biggest implementers of this technology...
IOT to fully redesign supply chain process The proliferation of the adoption of IoT will drive the need for the redesign of many existing supply chain processes.For example, an industrial e...
IOT transport logistics Munich 2017 Doing business online via Amazon, Zalando and Co. has developed at a rapid pace during the past few years and is expected to continue growing in the future. Shippi...


team FMS

Ready to use IOT solutions for supply chain and transport logistics management companies in Africa, Middle East and India. Covers all aspects of logistics operations including scheduling, dispatch, monitoring, stores, spares and human resources.

team Ripples IoT

An Industrial IoT solution for transport logistics and supply chain monitoring using smart sensors, data analytics and business intranet tools.

team Logistics portal

A business productivity solution using intranet software - enabling better customer experience, employee engagement, resource utilization, cargo monitoring & document management.


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